TMC Tower Defense Engine
**This Tower Defense Starter Kit allows for rapid Tower Defense Game Development.** 
Includes two Krepper types: Shooting and Non Shooting 
New types can easily be created 
Includes six Towers: 
1. Gun Tower 
2. Laser Tower 
3. Fire Tower 
4. Freeze Tower 
5. Lightning Tower 
6. Stall Tower 
New types can easily be created 
Tower System: 
1. Turret Placement Tile System: 
2. Turret Select Hud System 
3. Sell Turrets 
4. Repair Turrets 
5. Upgrade Turret 
6. Targeting System 
7. Kreeper Search System 
Level System: 
1. Wave Count System 
2. Kreeper Group System 
3. Incoming Wave System 
4. Money system included 
5. Level Point System 
1. Pause System 
2. Fast Forward, 3 speed system 
3. Simple Menu Included 
4. Proven Bullet System 
5. Lighting Effect 
6. Fire Effect 
7. Laser Effect 
8. Pulse Laser Effect 
Tested on Windows and Android, Normal and YYC output