This set of APIs will allow you to use your OPTPiX SpriteStudio animations in Game Maker. 

Web Technology, OPTPiX and SpriteStudio are registered trademarks of WebTechnology Corp. 

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  • Load multiple animations in a animation set template
  • Have many animation templates, one for each animation groups
  • Easily change the animation an instance is drawing
  • Easily check what animation is active 
  • Easily access animation properties 
  • Callback System for doing programer actions at specific times or for a specific animation part or when a specific image is used... 
  • Change the render specification such as turning the head towards the mouse, rescaling parts, adding a gun in a character's hand, changing the texture on the fly, playing a sound when the foot hits the ground
  • Parts scaling, color, blend mode, rotation, etc, You can have control over every argument used for the rendering of each part via the callback function feature 
  • For the animation as a whole you can set the scaling, color blending, rotation, alpha in the same way as draw_sprite_ext() and you can change the pivot location