Speedy Wings
Control your bird using touch as the level speed increases. Survive as long as you can while grabbing those sweet bonuses and powerups to climb the online Leaderboard! 
  • Bonus items, Pickups and Powerups! 
  • Featherpumping soundtrack! 
  • Stereo sound FX 
  • Online highscores! 
  • Maniac enemies! 
  • A bird wearing glasses! 
  • Brilliant flapping deluxe! 
  • Firebreathing birdies! 
  • Angry stone heads!


Touch the screen to make the bird flap his wings and move forward. 

Pick up all the goodies for powerups and points!

Avoid the flying enemies, falling bombs and obstacles.

If you fly too slow, your bonus counter will drop!

Hit 'RESET GAME' in the options to change your name and start over. (This will delete your current highscore)

Still not convinced? Check out this gameplay video!